Exhibiting at DKT, Wickert Maschinenbau demonstrated how elastomer moulded parts can be produced economically in both, large and small volumes. With its elastomer presses, the company targets a wide spectrum of users, including producers of micro and precision parts, manufacturers of thin-walled or large-volume components, and manufacturers of clean room pharmaceutical products.

Wickert supplies customised, fully automated press systems for Compression Moulding (CM), Transfer Moulding (TM) and Injection Transfer Moulding (ITM) processes. Moreover, its range of products and services includes component development, concept and feasibility studies along with overall planning that includes automation and general contracting. The presses feature highly homogeneous temperature distribution on the hot plate surface coupled with exceptionally high precision in terms of plane parallelism and flatness.

Compression moulding presses are ideal for producing large-format moulded parts made of silicone or cellular rubber. They can achieve homogeneous vulcanisation, maximum dimensional accuracy and finest surface finishes. Even for very thin-walled components and intricate products such as membranes with fabric inserts, compression moulding is a process-reliable and dimensionally stable fabrication method.

For high-volume production of small and micro precision parts, Wickert recommends TM presses in addition to CM presses. Transfer moulds have the advantage that items can be produced on the basis of direct gating and thus high injection pressure. This allows moulds with sometimes many hundreds of cavities to be reliably processed. Large parts in volumes of more than 100 litres can also be produced economically in transfer presses. Short runners can also be used here to produce high-quality parts with extremely narrow tolerances with reproducibility.

Generally, Wickert advises using a vacuum chamber when working with moulds with multiple cavities. Also, for many high-value pharmaceutical rubber parts, a vacuum chamber or a press integrated in the clean room is an essential requirement. One example is rubber vaccine stoppers for Covid vaccines.


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