The German company Troester GmbH & Co. KG presented its range of extrusion machines and plants for the rubber industry at DKT. According to Troester, the results its extrusion technology has achieved, combined with intelligent line control and closed loop systems, have made the company a competent manufacturer of whole lines and stand-alone machines.

Already more than ten years ago, the company developed the automatically centring crosshead. Today, hose manufacturers all over the world use this system, which is said to deliver very good results in terms of end-product quality, material efficiencies, low set-up times and low product tolerances.

The company said it has moved on to the next logical steps by developing the automatically centring straight extruder head and the double crosshead. The double crosshead allows the production of two layers simultaneously, each centred by servo-hydraulic systems that operate independently. Each gramme saved leads to sometimes drastically lower production costs, said Troester.

Customers can choose between automatically centring straight extruder heads, crossheads, and double crossheads to improve the quality of their production and products. Material efficiencies, better product tolerances and low set-up times are further benefits. The automatically centring extruder heads can be used for existing extruders as a stand-alone version or in conjunction with Troester extruders as a whole system.

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