Hoffmann Mineral presented its portfolio of fillers at the DKT. Highlights included the new Tailored Filler Solutions and Aktisil Q, a filler specially developed for environmentally friendly application in silicone rubber. Hoffmann Mineral’s technical presentations also focused on environmental aspects such as sustainability, CO2 reduction and resource conservation in the development of elastomers.

Tobias Brandmeier, Area Sales Manager at Hoffmann Mineral, is convinced that the industry will focus much more on the environmental aspect of new developments in the future. In his opinion, the most promising potential for the company’s own Neuburg Siliceous Earth is therefore to be found in carbon black replacement. „Our products ensure lower CO2 use and consumption here compared to petroleum-based carbon black,“ said Brandmeier. According to Hoffmann Mineral, the PAH-free Neuburg Siliceous Earth can also largely prevent the migration of hazardous substances.

Another possibility for reducing pollutants is, for example, the use of fillers such as Aktisil Q, which enables the use of a chlorine-free peroxide in silicone rubber. Hoffmann Mineral’s Tailored Filler Solutions also stand out due to the use of hollow glass beads for density and weight reduction, which can lead to lower CO2 consumption in mobility applications.

„Our focus on sustainable developments in the rubber sector, our regional orientation as well as our strong technical know-how also help us to some extent with regard to current global developments,“ said Brandmeier. Nevertheless, the production of energy-intensive products is currently an enormous challenge. „We are all the more pleased that we can exchange ideas with specialists and experts from the industry at the trade fair,“ said Brandmeier.


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