Engel presented three exhibits at DKT to show how seals, O-rings, and even the smallest precision parts made of elastomer materials can be produced in a competitive way. O-rings were produced from solid silicone (HTV) using a 102-cavity mould on a servo-hydraulic flexseal 500/300 T. The injection moulding machines are adapted to meet the special requirements of O-ring and flat seal manufacturers. Suited to all popular rubber compounds and silicones, the machines offer great precision thanks to the horizontal machine design with a screw injection unit. The Engel roto feeder feeds in the solid silicone continuously, avoiding inclusions and keeping the pressure constant. The rotating hopper with counter-rotating screw ensures a very high level of process stability. Fully automatic processing on the flexseal is achieved through brushing devices. One of the main drivers of the flexseal model series‘ great energy efficiency is the servohydraulic ecodrive, which the machines have as a standard feature.

A tie-bar-less and all-electric e-motion 50/30 TL injection moulding machine produced ultra-small precision components for the field of ophthalmology with an individual part weight of 0.0013 g on a valve gated cold runner mould with 32 cavities. The filigree parts measure 1.7 mm in length and 0.9 mm in diameter. A precision LSR plasticising pump, and a camera system for quality control – both implemented by ACH Solution – and a viper 12 linear robot are supporting the automated precision production of micro-parts. However, the tiny parts are only made possible by a new LSR micro-injection unit, which Engel developed in collaboration with ACH Solution. Thanks to this injection unit, Engel injection moulding machines can now produce precision parts from LSR with a shot weight of well below 0.1 g.

Other LSR applications also benefit from tie-bar-less technology, as the third machine exhibit clearly showed. Diaphragms made of LSR with a total shot weight of 18.4 g were produced on a tie-bar-less e-victory 265/80 equipped with a 16-cavity mould. Project partner Elmet provided the mould and LSR plasticising technology.


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