Effective from September 2022, Nicole Holzmayr will support the sales team of Hoffmann Mineral in Germany as Area Sales Manager for elastomers and will be the contact person for customers and distributors in France, Italy, Malta, Greece, and Cyprus for all further application fields. The application engineer has been with the Hoffmann Group for 22 years and takes over the position as successor to Félix Vicente Mondéjar, who was appointed Head of Sales, Marketing, and Order Processing last year. Hoffmann Mineral is a supplier of a comprehensive portfolio of functional fillers, which are offered worldwide and for various industries and requirements.

According to the company, permanent further development is what fascinates Holzmayr about elastomers. „For each new application, for a different use – it’s fun to develop a suitable product over and over again,“ said Holzmayr. And, that’s what she is particularly looking forward to in her new position: implementing new requirements directly in collaboration with the customer, finding solutions, applying what she has learned so far to the market.

She brings the comprehensive technological expertise required for this with her. The new Area Sales Manager has already completed her training as a chemical laboratory technician in the corporate group then worked in quality assurance and her most recent position was as an application engineer for elastomers. In 2012, she successfully completed her further studies in rubber technology at the German Institute of Rubber Technology (DIK).

Holzmayr is looking to find out what the demands placed on her in the future will be when, as a first step, she works with her sales colleagues to get a clear picture of her sales territory. „There is a lot going on at the moment,“ she said. One current challenge is that of availability, not only of raw materials, but also above all of energy. How this will be resolved in the future is exciting. “In particular, we will see how we can be supportive to our customers in the way they are accustomed to,” said Holzmayr.

In recent years, for example, the demands placed on components have become even greater, notably in the automotive sector. “The required low weight is challenging to implement, but with functionalized fillers and new developments, special requests can also be accommodated,” said Holzmayr. In toll manufacturing, for instance, raw materials and fillers are specially tailored to customer requirements, and Tailored Filler Solutions (TFS) supply customized products within the scope of existing applications.


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