Thailand topped the list of rubber exporting countries in the first half of this year, with shipments of 2.19 million tons valued at THB 70.5 billion (~ USD 2 billion), the Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Alongkorn Ponlaboot revealed on 12 August 2022.

He cited data from the Rubber Authority of Thailand as saying that this year’s total export of natural rubber is expected to reach 4.27 million tons, up 3.41 % from last year. In the first half, Thailand exported 167.2 billion THB worth of natural rubber and rubber products, he added. Almost half of the exports went to China, which is the largest market for Thailand’s rubber and rubber products, according to him.

Malaysia was second on the list with 10 %, followed by the USA (7 %), Japan (6 %), and the Republic of Korea (4 %). The Rubber Authority of Thailand estimated that Thai rubber production this year will total 4.79 million tons, up 0.88 % from last year.

Source: Daily “VietnamPlus”, Hanoi, Vietnam; 12 August 2022
Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan

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